Core Values

We believe in purpose: Actively discovering and pursuing purpose leads to more valuable and impactful professionals who feel personally fulfilled and live up to our organization core values.

We are educators:

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom and online. We work with practitioners at any stage in the career development process. We teach students and our partners about navigating the world of work.

We build relationships:

Our expertise, experience, connections, and energy are available to all whom we serve. Our valuable connections build relationships that build careers that build a better world.

We are catalysts:

We help professionals to discover where they want to go and help them make it happen. We motivate and challenge careers to aim higher. Every person is different, and we are here to serve their diverse needs.

We are a team:

Our team members are professionals who work together. We pursue healthy and productive working relationships through open communication, mutual respect, and collaboration, while growing in our collective professional development.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela


Our vision is to empower career professionals to discover and pursue a path to a fulfilling career through Professional Development so they can make their own unique marks on the world.


Recognizing that career development is a life-long process, the mission of Edonversity is to provide Career and Professional development that educates and supports practitioners as they explore and further understand themselves and gain valuable education, develop as professionals, and develop obtainable professional development career goals.

Our Teachers:


Michelle Stevens M.Ed.

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